Catalytic Converter & Exhaust Accessories:

In addition to replacement Converter Bodies Davico also offers some high-quality Universal Flex Couplers, Spring Bolt Kits, Oxygen Sensor Ports and Plugs. Where possible we include replacement gaskets with our Direct Fit Converters, but these other components are available also.
Replacement Flex Couples are sold by size and dimension and are available with and without end necks. The flex sections are double braid high quality stainless steel and the end necks if needed are expandable aluminized steel tube.

Spring bolt kits are application specific cataloged by the year, make and model of vehicle they are used on.

Other miscellaneous parts are high quality steel and are the same components used on our Direct Fit Catalytic Converters.

Because of the nature of these parts replacements should be made by experienced installers with the proper cutting and sizing tools often needed.
Catalytic Converter & Exhaust Accessories:

universal flexes for any application

high quality stainless steel

o2 sensor ports and plugs

hardware kits sold by application