our story over the years

Davico Manufacturing was born in 1987 in the bays of a local muffler shop. Owner Dave Surprenant reaches back following in the footsteps of his predecessors who were building exhaust accessories, adapters and other components not commonly found readily available.


The Surprenant family has been in the exhaust business since the 1950’s. Dom Surprenant operated muffler shops throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. Conrad Surprenant made exhaust adapter pipes as MSA Manufacturing and Surprenant Sales.


In 1987 David Surprenant, son of Dom, started fabricating Direct Fit Replacement Catalytic Converters for Subaru’s when he couldn’t find them anywhere. There was heavy demand in New England states and the newly formed Davico Mfg. grew quickly. Over time David started to add more products and Catalytic Converters that local installers needed but had a hard time finding. David focused on import brands that the installers needed and distributors jumped right on board. David and Davico Mfg. were known for niche coverage and ingenuity pioneering many of the first direct fit catalytic converters for import models.


David’s cousin Ray Surprenant purchases the company in 1998 and started to expand the product line into more vehicle applications. Ray had worked in many aspects in and around Davico Mfg. including from chief floor sweeper, production, sales, shipping and customer service. Ray was even a customer for a time. Ray continues as our President and owner to this day.

Over the next ten years the company grew by expanding the vehicle applications that it covered and focusing on being fast and responsive to their customers. Davico began adding large regional customers to distribute the new replacement applications that Davico was bringing to market as quickly as they could. Customers found Davico Mfg had the applications they really needed and could ship quickly. Adding people and equipment to keep up with the demand pushed the company to look for a larger facility with an eye toward future growth.


In 2008 Davico Manufacturing found a new home right in the heart of the city in an 32,000 sq. ft mill building with plenty of room for future expansion. 95 Brook Street serves today as our corporate headquarters and primary manufacturing and distribution space just minutes from major highways. Since that time Davico Mfg. has expanded within the mill building complex to occupy approximately 90,000 square feet, bring new life to a previously dormant inner city building.

By 2015 Davico’s manufacturing and technical capabilities expanded and became more sophisticated. Davico internally handles the support services that today’s industry leaders need: Aces/PIES data, electronic invoicing, EDI, automated inventory feeds, automated tracking information. Our state-of-the-art production software allows us to track production and inventory in real time. Production was expanding quickly with many areas of automation, CNC machines, and robots. Davico boasts automated high-definition CNC plasma machine, waterjets, machining centers, automated welding stations, automated bending machines just to name a few additions of equipment. Davico continued to add many talented people during this time including highly skilled fabricators and welders.

Davico continued to expand its vehicle coverage and product lines. Davico now supplies many lines like direct fit exhaust like pipes and mufflers, our emission system detergent Sledgehammer, and exhaust manifolds. Our customer based has expanded throughout North America.


In 2021 Davico opened up a second plant in Coahuila Mexico to meet the continued demand as well have more control over our supply chain. With two fully equipped plants, Davico has the speed, flexibility and capacity that the best distributors demand. Davico has many long-term employees who have been the backbone of our growth into the fastest growing exhaust manufacturer in the United States and a partner to highly competitive customers. Our fabricators and welders are continually challenged to improve and are highly skilled. Davico Mfg. is an international company with all the tools for success for years to come.