Manufacturing Expertise:
Davico Manufacturing started building Catalytic Converters in 1987 with just the basic exhaust manufacturing equipment available at the time like portable welders, pipe benders and a few pieces of specialty equipment.
Over the 35 years that we have been doing this Catalytic Converter technology has changed tremendously and so has our equipment and our processes.

In addition to the advanced science of wash coat technologies, we use the latest coating processes and continue to add modern equipment that gives us the efficiencies that help to make Davico your best choice for Direct Fit exhaust products.

The following highlights some of this new equipment and how it helps us to produce the best products in the industry.

ABB Robotic Welder

One of many Robotic welders to come. Robot-based automation increases the efficiency of welding processes and enables Davico to manufacture more parts in less time, while minimizing scrap, increasing quality and improving the working environment. The new car industry uses teams of these robots and can assemble a vehicle in less than a minute.

Haas High Performance CNC Machining Center

Our first Y-axis Super Machine allows us to prototype and manufacture the components, tools and more that we need for rapid development and machining. This is the same type of equipment used in many commercial, military, aerospace and other defense industries.

Automatic Pipe Benders

One of the many computer controlled Pipe Benders that you will see throughout our two plants capable of efficiently producing direct fit pipes with amazing accuracy.

Precision Metal Stamping Machine

This is one of our new stamping machines being delivered and put into service.

Lincoln Power Mig Welding Machines

With more than 60 welding stations, many of them running two and three shifts you might think we would have a lot of Welding Machines. Well we DO! You will see many of these versatile machines around both of our plants being operated by our many experienced and skilled welders. Sparks can be seen flying 24/7 most days at Davico Manufacturing.

Flow Jet Computerized Waterjet Cutting Machine

A powerful precision waterjet machine capable of cutting up to two inches of solid steel with 50,000 psi of water. Any design of a flat flange, bracket or other component that we need can be cut with precision and accuracy using this very flexible and valuable piece of equipment.

Koike Aronson Hi-Definition Plasma Machine

Plasma cutting is a process of cutting electrically conductive metals, which utilize the electrically conductive gas to transfer energy from an electrical power source through a plasma cutting torch, thus melting the material. This computer controlled piece of equipment allows us to produce the thousands of flanges, brackets and other components that we need with speed and accuracy.