Catalytic Converter Basics

It is important to understand that the Original Equipment (OE) Catalytic Converters on today’s automobiles are designed to last the life of the vehicle. There are no moving parts in a Catalytic Converter and the precious metals used in the wash coat do not get consumed or used up.
Unless the Converter is stolen or otherwise damaged from outside forces it should never need to be replaced. If you DO have a failed Converter, it is important to understand the underlying cause of the failure, most likely a malfunctioning engine management system or excess carbon and soot build up.
Simply replacing a failed Converter without addressing what caused the OE to fail will cause the replacement to also fail in a similar fashion. A professional installer can help you to diagnose the common causes of these failures to help you to get many years of service from your replacement part.

Customers who check or replace Oxygen Sensors and decarbonize engines prior to replacing the Converter can eliminate 85% of the reasons for comebacks and early failures.

Please see our Technical Training Bulletins for help with identifying the common engine management system issues related to Catalytic Converter health.