A family focused on manufacturing exhaust products.

Davico Manufacturing is a full line manufacturer of high-quality Direct Fit Catalytic Converters, Universal Catalytic Converters, Exhaust Products and other related Exhaust and Emissions components and accessories. The company was established in 1987 by a family focused on manufacturing exhaust products here in their hometown of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Over the years the company has become solely owned by Owner and President Ray Surprenant. His hands on leadership style has guided the company over the years building a strong and experienced management team with combined industry experience of more than 80 years.

The foundation of the company is its roots in the community growing first with local employees many of whom live right in New Bedford and surrounding towns.

Davico utilizes the local community first for supplies, raw materials, components and training to support our manufacturing facility and distribution center.

Our core employees come from all areas of the local community including trade schools, a historically strong manufacturing work force with roots in the whaling industry back in the seventeen hundreds and a strong textile industry in the eighteen hundreds.

New Bedford is rich in history and Davico continues to thrive in this seaside community with all of the resources available locally to them. Over the years owner Ray Surprenant has been recognized and honored with various awards given to companies whose success and contributions have brought new economic investment and jobs to cities throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.