Technical Advisory Bulletins

We advise all of our customers to fix the cause of the Catalytic Converter failure first! This will help ensure that your repair is proper and that the problem will not reoccur and damage the replacement Converter.

To help you to diagnose common issues we recommend checking for Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s) pertaining to your vehicle or vehicle’s problem. TSB’s stand in sharp contrast to recalls, which deal with safety-related fixes. TSB’s typically point out known problems or issues that can be both annoying and time consuming to get to the bottom of. There are many services that publish access to this information like Alldata and Mitchell1 but there are also sources of good information online like Consumer Reports, Carfax, AutoMD and others.

We try to make some of this information available here for common issues regarding Catalytic Converter failures and overall health. Check back here often for issues involving the vehicle you are working on.

We are currently reformatting more of our Technical Advisory Bulletins to appear here for download. Please check back soon.