Split Y-Pipe Direct Fit Catalytic Converters:

Davico Manufacturing’s Split Y-Pipe Catalytic Converters are made to high standards to replace a failed, damaged or missing original equipment (OE) Catalytic Converter.
Many of today’s vehicles are manufactured with large Welded Y-Pipe Converter Assemblies. While many professional installers prefer an O.E. Style replacement, the shipping costs for these parts can sometimes be very costly. UPS, FedEx and other freight carriers usually add a surcharge to these oversized and unboxed parts driving single piece freight costs to higher than normal levels.

To help our customers save freight costs when stocking and re-shipping these parts, we offer many of them as Split Y-Pipe Converters, splitting and selling them as a left and right Converter component. When this option is available you will see the following footnote in our Catalog: “OE system is a welded assembly. Left and right component is required for full replacement”

Split Y-Pipe Catalytic Converters:

OEM quality standards

EPA standard warranty

direct fit for OEM replacement

2 piece part lowers cost of shipping and saves money

It is important to understand that just purchasing one side is not made to fit with the other side of the OE part. These replacement parts are sized and designed to fit together either with a simple muffler clamp or a welding step. They are NOT designed to be sold individually and hence, are not returnable when purchased as single side parts. Sometimes special tools and sizing is required to make a proper replacement.
It is equally important that you resolve the issue that caused the failure of the OE Converter before installing the replacement part. There are many engine management related issues that can damage a replacement Catalytic Converter if not fully resolved prior to the replacement. See our informational flyer shipped with each replacement Converter for help or contact us for technical assistance.

EXAMPLE: Our late model Ford Truck 5.4L application is our part number 19017 for the O.E. Style Welded Assembly replacement. To order it as a split part and save shipping costs you would order our part numbers 190171 & 190172. Please note there may be a slight difference in cost of the two split parts.

Installers or vehicle owners who check or replace Oxygen Sensors and decarbonize the engine prior to replacement can eliminate 85% or all comebacks or early failures.