EPA Direct Fit Manifold Catalytic Converters:

Davico Manufacturing’s EPA Direct Fit Manifold Catalytic Converters are made to high standards to replace a failed, damaged or missing original equipment (OE) Catalytic Converter.
They are made to be easily installed with just basic tools as a direct fit replacement which will function as did the OE Converter when in spec. Most Direct Fit Manifold Converters are shipped with new gaskets but all gaskets must be replaced to insure proper seals. Liquid or RTV sealers SHOULD NOT be used anywhere near the replacement Catalytic Converter or on Oxygen Sensor ports.
Davico Manufacturing’s Direct Fit Manifold Converters are designed to look more like OE than ever before. Replacements MUST be checked for unmetered air or exhaust leaks. Even the smallest air leak can affect engine and emissions performance. Special attention should be give to worn or broken motor mounts.
EPA Direct Fit Manifold Catalytic Converters:

OEM Quality Standards

EPA standard warranty

direct fit for oem replacement

easy to install

It is equally important that you resolve the issue that caused the failure of the OE Converter before installing the replacement part. There are many engine management related issues that can damage a replacement Catalytic Converter if not fully resolved prior to the replacement. See our informational flyer shipped with each replacement Converter for help or contact us for technical assistance.
Installers or vehicle owners who check or replace Oxygen Sensors and decarbonize the engine prior to replacement can eliminate 85% or all comebacks or early failures.