Dealer Alternative Direct Fit Catalytic Converters:

Davico Manufacturing’s Dealer Alternative Direct Fit Catalytic Converters are designed for high mileage and poorly maintained vehicles.

Certain makes and model vehicles have very tight perimeters for NOx levels and Oxygen Sensor switching activity. These vehicles can be very hard to keep within threshold when they are in a high mile-age condition or have been poorly maintained. Sometimes the carbon and soot levels in these vehicles are hard to clean up, but a Catalytic Converter with a heavier Precious Metal load and Larger Substrate can compensate for the additional NOx being produced.

Today’s GDI engine technology increases the chances of carbon and soot issues and Davico Dealer Alternative Catalytic Converters are designed for just that. An alternative to going back to the dealer to compensate for these issues.

Dealer Alternative Catalytic Converters Feature:

O.E.M. Style Wash-Coat Technology
O.E.M. Style Precious Metal Loadings
Larger Substrates for More Surface Area
Greater Oxygen Storage Capabilities.

Dealer Alternative Catalytic Converters:

Designed for high mileage & poorly maintained cars

Larger substrates - heavier loadings

The alternative to going back to the dealer

More tolerant to carbon and soot related issues

It is important to note that your replacement Converter may look slightly different and the Converter body may be shaped differently but it is designed to be a direct fit replacement part. Always test fit the part on the vehicle before condemning how the replacement part will fit.
It is equally important that you resolve the issue that caused the failure of the OE Converter before installing the replacement part. There are many engine management related issues that can damage a replacement Catalytic Converter if not fully resolved prior to the replacement. See our informational flyer shipped with each replacement Converter for help or contact us for technical assistance.

Installers or vehicle owners who check or replace Oxygen Sensors and decarbonize the engine prior to replacement can eliminate 85% or all comebacks or early failures.