Engine Decarbonizing Products:

One of the most common causes of failure of Catalytic Converters on today’s automobiles is excess carbon and soot. Carbon and soot accumulate in the engines combustion chambers and over time migrates down into the substrate of the Catalytic Converter lowering the efficiency of the catalyst. Many PO420 and PO430 engine management failure codes can be traced to excess carbon and soot.
Davico offer’s the Davico SLEDGEHAMMER 2-Step Induction kit. This specially designed product from Davico Manufacturing includes the “SLEDGEHAMMER” Fuel System Ultra Treatment and the “SLEDGEHAMMER” RID Rapid Induction Deposit cleaner. This LOW VOC Compliant aerosol induction cleaner is designed for fast service times and is safe for O2 Sensors & Catalytic Converters.

Available from any of our distributors, order part number 1540EA. The product flyer including instructions are available on our website and should be used on all vehicles every 80,000 miles or whenever replacing a Catalytic Converter or dealing with catalyst efficiency codes.

This product is designed for both the professional installer and the do-it-yourselfer. No special tools or skills are needed to use this product.

Engine Decarbonizing Products:

Designed to remove carbon & soot

Easy to use for do-it-yourselfers

Low voc AND safe for sensors

helps rid P0420 & P0430 codes

Installers or vehicle owners who check or replace Oxygen Sensors and decarbonize the engine prior to replacement can eliminate 85% or all comebacks or early failures.